Programme aim and objectives

Projects within this programme of work focus on enhancing quality and coordination of care and outcomes for people affected by stroke, including stroke survivors, their carers and families. Working in partnership with the Stroke Association, the UK’s leading third sector provider of stroke services, we aim to do this by:


  • Working with stroke survivors, carers, their families, service providers, commissioners and researchers to identify key priority areas for research and implementation;
  • Developing and delivering high quality research studies in the area of longer-term support and care, to ensure that service provision is based on the best available evidence and delivers optimal outcomes for stroke survivors and their carers;
  • Supporting the spread and sustainability of evidence-based interventions in routine practice.
Our work is an integral part of the stroke reserach programme within the Nueroscience and Mental Health Research Domain of the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, at the University of Manchester.


More information

Please contact Joanne Thomas.



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