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DIPLOMA Webinar Slides

DIPLOMA - Evaluation of the national NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

Presenter(s): Bower P



The art of compromise: Co-production of evidence in applied health research. A 90-minute workshop

Compromise in co-production of applied health research

Presenter(s): Kislov, R, Wilson, P, Knowles, S, & Boaden, R

Venue: Evidence Live, 18-20 June 2018, Oxford, UK


Supporting carers during end of life care using the Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT)

Supporting carers during end of life care using the Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT)

Presenter(s): Ewing G, Grande G, Diffin J, Austin L, Jones D

Venue: NIHR Charities Consortium Conference for Hospice and Community-based Research


Evaluation of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

Evaluation of Salford's Demonstrator Diabetes Prevention Programme

Presenter(s): Cotterill S

Venue: Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy, University of Edinburgh


The art of compromise: Collaboration between researchers and practitioners to support integrated care
Distortion of implementation techniques in health care: The case of
Paradoxes, challenges and opportunities of boundary organising
Supporting carers’ needs including an OSCARSS study update

Organising Support for Carers of Stroke Survivors (OSCARSS)

Presenter(s): Patchick E

Venue: Hotel Novotel Manchester West, Life after stroke event 2017


REmote MOnitoring of Rheumatoid Arthritis: REMORA

Patient-reported information collected electronically in between rheumatology outpatient clinic visits: development of e-infrastructure to support clinical care and research (REMORA)

Presenter(s): Mellor P

Venue: Royal College of Music, Let’s Talk Research


‘It’s all data’: lessons learnt and methodological advances from a (failed) implementation project

PHD study: Supporting family carers in providing care at home

Presenter(s): Mathieson A

Venue: University of York, BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference


Identifying resistance from hard to reach, non-compliant and vulnerable operations
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