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What factors affect access to stroke rehabilitation?: A systematic review
Organising Support for Carers of Stroke Survivors (OSCARSS): A work-in-progress Process Evaluation
How should end-of-life Advance Care Planning discussions be conducted according to patients and informal carers? A systematic narrative review of reviews
End-of-Life specific and development needs of staff working in primary, community and secondary care.
Feasibility of an online package to assist services to implement a carer-centred process of assessment and support for family carers within palliative care

CSNAT poster for EAPC 2018

Presenter(s): Diffin J, Ewing G, Rowland C, Grande G

Venue: EAPC 2018


Clinicians experience identifying managing patients dementia pre existing cognitive impairment stroke rehabilitation

Presenter(s): Langley V

Venue: UK Stroke Forum


Health professionals experience diagnosing managing stroke patients dementia cognitive impairment qualitative study
Levels of Psychological Distress and Predictors of Distress in Family Carers of Patients with Cancer at End of Life
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