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GM SAT 2 Components

The Greater Manchester Stroke Assessment Tool - version 2 (GM-SAT2)

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GM-SAT2 Components: Easy Access conversation support resource

This is a broad-ranging resource. It includes information about aphasia and a wide array of materials that could be used to support communication and find out more about any unmet needs identified such as how long the stroke survivor has had the problem, where the problem is and how severe it is. It can additionally be used to discuss and describe any actions that may need to be taken to address or manage any unmet needs identified


GM-SAT2 Components: Easy Access trigger question resource

To ask review questions and elicit responses from people with limited communication. Each question and response starts on a new page with large text and pictures in places, as chosen by people with aphasia


GM-SAT2 Components: Summary Report

A simple, brief document that summarises the outcomes of a review and documents what actions need to be carried out and by whom. Copies of this report are typically sent to the stroke survivor after review, as well as their General Practitioner (GP)


GM-SAT2 Components: Guidance Document

Includes tips and information about the principles of a good review. It also includes information about using the other components of the toolkit, such as what questions to ask during a review and recommended actions to address any identified needs


GM-SAT2 Components: Self assessment questionnaire

The ‘self-assessment questionnaire’ can encourage stroke survivors to think specifically about the support they might want to discuss. It may not be suitable for sending to all clients but has been reported to work well when reviews are being conducted as part of an outpatient clinic – it is something that could be completed in the waiting room to help guide the content of a review


GM-SAT2 Components: Advance Patient Information

The ‘advance patient information’ can help a stroke survivor understand what to expect from a review and includes space for them to reflect and prepare.


GM-SAT2 Components: Review Proforma

The actual document for professionals to use when conducting and recording the review in situ.


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