Salford Primary Care Workforce Study: Contribution to a Safer Salford


What did we do?

As part of their Primary Care (General Practice) Workforce Strategy NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) piloted the implementation of new roles in Primary Care.  NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester evaluated the process and early impact of implementing these new roles.


Why was it important?

At a national, regional and local level, there is recognition that Primary Care services are meeting ever increasing and ever changing demands, and that to meet those demands in an appropriate, efficient and sustainable way, such services need to change. There is currently great emphasis on the development of a more community-based healthcare delivery with an increased range of skills, expertise and services available within GP surgeries.

The NHS Salford CCG Primary Care (General Practice) Workforce Strategy suggests that the incorporation of new general practice-based roles may deliver the required changes and contribute to increased choice, improved access and better outcomes for patients. A number of ‘early adopter’ sites across Salford piloted this aspect of the workforce strategy with the introduction of Advanced Practitioner, Physician Associate, and Clinical Pharmacist roles.

This evaluative study provided valuable insight into the process of introducing and embedding new roles in Salford Primary Care services that can be shared with key staff, health care partners and stakeholders to inform future service development.


How did we do it?

Between April 2017 and March 2018 the project identified the challenges and opportunities encountered by the Salford early adopter sites during the process of establishing the new roles. This was achieved through conducting a process evaluation, drawing on:

  • Document analysis

  • Observation of relevant meetings

  • Semi-structured interviews/focus groups with key individuals involved in the Salford implementation.


Who did we work with?


Downloadable resources


More  information

For further information please contact either Susan Howard (Programme Manager) or Pauline Nelson (Principle Investigator).

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