Patient & Public Involvement

Our patient panel members provide advice and input from a patient perspective to improve patient and public engagement and involvement (PPE/I) in our work.


This could include, for example, being involved in the design of the research, being a member of a steering or advisory group, reviewing written resources or sharing research findings with other members of the public.


Our patient panel has been set up to actively involve members of the public in a coordinated way across all of our programmes of work.


This positively impacts our work in several ways by:


  • Steering project work towards findings that are reliable and useful to patients;
  • Enabling us to gather vital patient feedback from wider community groups;
  • Raising awareness of our work across wider patient networks;
  • Providing advice on how best to involve patients and the public in our work.

Each panel member is allocated to a programme of work and their role has two main purposes:


  • To act as ambassadors of PPE/I who spread awareness of our work through local patient and community groups;
  • To input into project and programme work as needed.

For more information please contact Joanne Thomas (Engagement and Networks Manager).


Members of our patient panel got together with some of the NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester team in May 2015.