COINCIDE trial completes baseline recruitment

Baseline recruitment for the CLAHRC for Greater Manchester funded Collaborative Interventions for Circulation and Depression (COINCIDE) trial has been completed and has exceeded targets. Originally aiming to recruit 360 patients, the trial team have successfully recruited 385 patients from 36 general practices across the North West. The clinical trial evaluates the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an enhanced depression care model, known as collaborative care, for patients with depression and diabetes and/or coronary heart disease. Outcomes include depression, quality of life, and disability.

In recognition of this superb effort, primary investigator Dr Peter Coventry said: “recruiting to clinical trials is desperately hard work and difficult and the COINCIDE team, in partnership with colleagues from the Mental Health Research Network, have pulled off a magnificent achievement in just over 12 months. Our focus now turns to completing follow-ups on time and getting the results out as soon as possible”.

The COINCIDE team will continue to complete four month follow-up data collection by the end of September 2013 and full results will be published in 2014.