Research theme: People with long-term conditions

Two patients chatting in a hospital waiting room.

What did we do?

We developed a coordinated programme of research to create, adapt and implement strategies for self-care support for socially disadvantaged people with long-term vascular conditions.

How did we do it?

Initial research was undertaken to elicit people’s needs and their social and health contexts in order to develop information and strategies to be used and evaluated within an existing evidenced-based approach to guided self-management support.



The aim of the Voluntary Organisations Community Groups And Local Networks of Support study was to explore the role of voluntary and community organisations in supporting individuals to manage long-term vascular conditions. We developed resources to help support people to manage their conditions in their day-to-day lives.


Community Networks for Condition Support was aimed at helping people to think about their social networks and then support them to manage their condition. Films were produced to highlight the dilemmas and experiences of finding the appropriate form of support. This has been developed in two formats, a facilitated community group setting and an interactive website.


Patient Links to Activities Networks and Support involved an assessment tool in the form of a short series of questions to determine people’s’ wellbeing, health education and support needs. Answers helped to focus a discussion on the type of community support, activities or education required and available locally and which were acceptable to the individual concerned. PLANS has been developed in two formats, an interactive website and a written booklet.


Early stage chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common management problem in primary care. We explored the concerns and experiences of managing and living with this condition through focus groups with patients and interviews with primary care practitioners. We chose to focus on people with early stage CKD as the participants in a trial to evaluate the resources we developed. This has been termed the BRIGHT study (Bringing Guided Help and Information Together).

Cartoons in self-management

We investigated the use of cartoons in patient-focused information about self-management of their chronic kidney disease. During the project researchers looked at the effectiveness of communicating patient advice and information through the use of cartoons and found that they can be useful in engaging patients to support the self-management of their condition.

More information

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