Why is evaluation important?

Within the NHS there is an increasing drive to identify and apply innovations that will demonstrate better value for money and improve the quality of care.  Inadequate evaluation can render an intervention or a proposed change a wasted effort.

Our evaluation work encompasses a number of elements:

A. We carry out evaluations agreed with our partners:

  •        We then make the results available – all reports are on our website here
  •        Many of these evaluations are also published in academic journals
  •       We also publicise the way in which this works and ‘makes a difference’

B. We work on national evaluations in collaboration with teams from Greater Manchester and nationally.  A list of our recent and current involvement is here.

C. We hold workshops for professionals who are interested in learning about how to carry out evaluations and provide informal follow-up advice to attendees.  Our workshops aim to show how to design robust evaluations with a focus on:

  • The different types of evaluation such as formative, process and outcome
  • How to select suitable methods and approaches for evaluating a local programme
  • Practical skills and tips in using evaluation methods and approaches
  • Ways of sharing your evaluation findings to make an impact.

What people say about our workshops:-

“I have no previous experience with evaluation of projects, so this workshop was extremely useful to me”

“Good to hear the theory and academic side of evaluation”

“I learned more about what evaluation is and the best ways to produce good evaluation”

D. We provide links to resources that support those who want to conduct evaluations