Stroke outcomes model

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Project: Stroke outcomes model

Please note that this project finished in September 2015 and is no longer active.

What did we do?

We supported the Stroke Association with the development of their Life After Stroke Services and a corresponding outcomes model.

Why was it important?

The Stroke Association is the UK’s leading third sector provider of services for people affected by stroke. Their Life After Stroke Services are presently contracted by the NHS and local authority commissioning organisations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to provide specialist and holistic support for stroke survivors, their carers and families, helping to address their (often complex) needs and supporting them through the process of adjusting to life after stroke.

It is fundamentally important to engage with, and involve, stroke survivors, carers and their families to ensure that the new service, and the way in which its ‘success’ is measured, reflect the needs of current and potential service beneficiaries and the outcomes they consider to make a difference to their lives after stroke.

How did we do it?

We worked with the Stroke Association to:

  • Scope the existing published and grey literature about the outcomes that stroke survivors, their carers and families think are most important to them after stroke
  • Deliver a consultation exercise with stroke survivors, carers and their families to find out what they think are meaningful outcomes after stroke and how they think the Stroke Association’s services have assisted/could assist them in achieving these.

Who did we work with?

The Stroke Association.


View the full report of the scoping literature review (pdf).

View the full findings of the service user consultation (pdf).

More information

For further information please contact Katy Rothwell, Programme Manager, or Dr. Audrey Bowen, academic lead.