Blood pressure self-monitoring

A man taking his blood pressure at home.

What did we do?

We systematically investigated the implementation of blood pressure self-monitoring.

Why was it important?

Blood pressure self-monitoring had received growing global attention as a method of improving long-term blood pressure control over and above standard clinical care. It had been endorsed by hypertension societies worldwide and was being increasingly used in clinical practice. But, despite there being considerable evidence to support its use, little was known about how best to implement blood pressure self-monitoring in routine care. This was the first time a project investigated implementing blood pressure self-monitoring in a systematic way.

How did we do it?

Over a twelve month period from April 2012, we worked with nine GP practices across NHS Wigan Borough and NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Groups to identify and implement effective models of care for self-monitoring and to draw out transferable lessons about the implementation of self-monitoring in routine practice.

Who did we work with?

The British Hypertension Society (BHS).


A series of home blood pressure monitoring resources, produced in collaboration with the BHS launched in September 2014. All of the resources are available to download free of charge from the BHS website at

More information

For more information please contact Katy Rothwell, Programme Manager.