7 day access

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Project: NHS England (Greater Manchester) 7 day access

What are we trying to do?

In June 2014, the twelve Greater Manchester clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) agreed to the Healthier Together standard that by the end of 2015 “everyone in Greater Manchester who needs medical help with have same-day access to primary care services, supported by diagnostic tests, seven days week.” This is a key early implementation priority of the Greater Manchester health and social care devolution programme.

Building on our previous evaluation of the primary care demonstrator communities, we are conducting an independent academic evaluation of the roll out of 7 day access to primary care across Greater Manchester.

Why is it important?

Following evaluation of the primary care demonstrator communities it is important that any further roll-out of 7 day access to primary care, particularly that undertaken at scale and pace such as that being observed in Greater Manchester, is accompanied by a robust evaluation to explore and promote an understanding the associated processes, activities, outcomes and impacts.

How will we do it?

The evaluation will employ both qualitative and quantitative methods. Semi-structured interviews will be used to explore the processes by which implementation takes place, while existing and purposely-developed quantitative datasets will be used to explore the nature and levels of activity associated with the provision of 7 day access, and its impact on the use of secondary care services, and patient and workforce satisfaction.

Who are we working with?

NHS England (Greater Manchester).

More information

For more information please contact Katy Rothwell, Programme Manager, or Professor Damian Hodgson and Professor Kath Checkland, academic leads.