PROM for physical healthcare planning in mental health services

A male patient discusses his care with his wife and a nurse.

Project: Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) for physical healthcare planning in mental health services

What are we trying to do?

We’re aiming  to develop a questionnaire or ‘measure’ to help us find out if service users and/or their carers have been adequately involved in physical healthcare planning in mental health services (or the care plan of somebody they care for). This measure will focus on outcomes from the service user/carer point of view and is therefore called a patient reported outcome measure (or ‘PROM’ for short).

Why is it important?

Many mental health policy documents state that involving service users and carers in care planning is fundamental to improving the quality of their care. However, there is substantial evidence that this does not always happen.

How will we do it?

Initially we will be holding focus group with a range of service users, carers and healthcare professionals from mental health services to develop the key areas, themes and essential elements related to physical health in care planning. Following this is initial work, 220 service users and carers will be invited to complete a questionnaire, either by post or via an online link, to ‘test’ the developed PROM.

Who are we working with?

Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust
Rethink Manchester Carers

More Information

For more information please contact Michael Spence, Programme Manager, or Dr Penny Bee, academic lead.