Antipsychotic medication information

Different coloured medication tablets laid out on a surface.

Project: Providing service user and carer information on antipsychotic medication

What did we do?

We developed two leaflets giving antipsychotic medication information, a detailed guide and shorter guide.

Why was it important?

It is widely evidenced that people with mental illness who take antipsychotic medication are often unaware of the potential side effects. A number of these are widely recognised to be detrimental to the cardiometabolic health of service users. These leaflets are designed to provide service users and carers with accurate information about the various aspects of the most common antipsychotic medications.

How did we do it?

In collaboration with Dr Richard Drake and a patient group we held focus groups to gain the views of a number of people with mental illness, as well as their carers.

Who did we work with?

Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust
Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust


View the leaflets below:

Antipsychotic medication – answers to your questions (detailed version)
Antipsychotic medication – answers to your questions (short version)

We’re really keen to know how these leaflets are being used, and any feedback that you have about them. Please contact Michael Spence or Rebecca Pedley with your comments.

More information

For further information please contact Michael Spence, Programme Manager, or Rebecca Pedley Research Associate.