John Øvretveit video Q&As

Close-up of a video camera.

Watch Professor John Øvretveit answer a series of questions on the subject of complex evaluations.

What does a good evaluation look like?

What are the key factors that should be considered when designing an evaluation?

How do you evaluate large scale programmes, such as CLAHRCs, that are comprised of multiple projects?

How do you evaluate the implementation of multifaceted interventions comprising several components?

How would you conduct action evaluations that aim to improve the actual intervention?

When evaluating, how can you meet the needs of multiple stakeholders?

Can you give us tips about how to make evaluation research projects more focused?

How would you define implementation research?

Why is implementation research important?

How can evaluations be made more useful for theory development?

Could you give us some tips about how to design an evaluation study that could be published in a high quality journal?

How much does evaluation cost? Who spends and saves?