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Project: Supporting carers to enable patient discharge at end-of-life

What are we trying to do?

The Marie Curie patient discharge project supports family carers to enable patient discharge from acute care at end-of-life by adapting an evidence-based carer assessment to acute care settings.

Why is it important?

Evidence shows that family carers are the main factor in enabling death at home and the odds of discharging patients from hospital to die at home are reduced five-fold if carers are reluctant to support discharge. However, such reluctance may often stem from a lack of preparation and information. Carers form a crucial component in the success of discharge as well as preventing re-admission to hospital.

How will we do it?

We will:

  • Investigate the content, timing and format of support that’s required by family carers at patient discharge from acute care at end-of-life
  • Use findings to adapt an evidence-based carer support needs assessment tool to the acute care setting and integrate it into a plan of care to facilitate timely and appropriate patient discharge.

Who we are working with?

Funding for this work has been secured from Marie Curie.

More information

For more information please contact Michael Spence, Programme Manager, or Prof Gunn Grande, academic lead.