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Programme name


Programme aim and objectives

The vision of the programme is to support high quality end-of-life care in the community, prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and facilitate appropriate hospital discharges. To achieve this vision we’re working with a number of NHS and charity provider organisations  with a distinct focus on:

  1. Supporting family carers
  2. Pathways of end-of-life care

The objectives of our end-of-life programme are:

  1. To develop collaborative research and implementation networks comprising clinicians (e.g. nurses, GPs), patients and carers, NHS managers and commissioners and university-based academics, achieved via embedding supported research champions in the clinical area, making research relevant, illustrating the benefits of research
  2. To improve end-of-life care pathways through the implementation of good research evidence and increased research capacity within community services
  3. To develop new streams of (feasible) research responsive to the needs of the local NHS including its patients and carers
  4. To develop new knowledge about how research findings can be implemented into practice in community services
  5. To improve support for family carers both as co-workers and clients as part of the end-of-life care provided within acute and community settings.


Projects within this programme

Benchmark standards for carer support
End-of-Life priority setting

End-of-Life skills audit

Improving Support for Family and Friends Caring for People with Motor Neurone Disease
Marie Curie
My health, my community
Online CSNAT
PhD study: Supporting family carers
PhD study: Supporting family carers of people with dementia
Scoping end-of-life care in care 
Supportive and Palliative Care Research and Audit Conference – November 2016 


Partnering organisations

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dimbleby Cancer Care
Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network
East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
Hospice UK
Marie Curie

Motor Neurone Disease Association
NHS England Strategic Clinical Networks
Office for National Statistics
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
The University of Cambridge
The University of Manchester
The University of York
University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

More information

Please contact Michael Spence, Programme Manager.


All of our latest programme and project updates are on our news page.