The Bright and Dark Side of Knowledge Mobilisation

THE BRIGHT AND DARK SIDE OF KNOWLEDGE MOBILISATION: Lessons for co-production of applied health research

Speaker: Dr Roman Kislov, MD, MSc, PhD


How do knowledge mobilisation approaches evolve over time? What are their unintended consequences? What can we learn from large-scale knowledge mobilisation initiatives?

These are the main questions that Dr Kislov will address in this interactive workshop drawing on a longitudinal programme of research conducted over the last eight years in the NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester—a large-scale UK-based collaborative partnership that brings together applied health researchers, managers and clinicians.

It will pay particular attention to the ‘dark side’ of knowledge mobilisation, identifying the tensions involved in deploying designated intermediary roles, such as knowledge brokers, boundary spanners and facilitators, to bridge the boundary between research and practice.

It will also show how the iterative processes of critical reflection and compromise can help knowledge mobilisation initiatives deal with the ‘dark side’ and adjust to the constantly changing healthcare context.

The workshop will conclude by summarising practical lessons for managing knowledge mobilisation partnerships between universities and healthcare organisations.

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Please note lunch, tea and coffee will be provided!