Organising Health Care Workshop

STPs… BCF… Devo… MCPs… Prime provider… Co-Commissioning… PACS… ACOs… LCOs… ICOs…

Are you lost yet?

The NHS is changing more rapidly than at almost any time in its history. New forms of organisation, new ways of providing services and new contracts, not to mention a bewildering array of acronyms are all being promulgated and implemented at breakneck speed. In this informal workshop, Professor Kath Checkland will try to provide some clarity and perspective.

Kath has worked as a GP in the NHS since 1991 and has worked on and led a variety of projects investigating NHS policy, organisation and management. The session will focus upon your questions and areas of interest, starting from what you know and seeking to provide an overview to help you situate your work or your research in the wider context of the changing NHS. The session will finish with an overview of relevant GM-CLAHRC projects.

Tea, coffee and pastries will be provided!