Innovative stroke assessment tool developed to streamline care

A male and female couple laughing together in hospital.

What did we do?

We created a tailored assessment tool to help determine the specific care needs for individual stroke patients, six months after their stroke.

How did we do it?

The front cover of GM-SAT Greater Manchester Stroke Assessment Tool.The Greater Manchester Stroke Assessment Tool (GM-SAT) is a free, evidence-based assessment tool designed specifically for a six month post-stroke review. GM-SAT identifies a wide range of potential post-stroke care needs, from medication management and secondary prevention, through to mood and fatigue problems. Together with its supporting materials, it provides everything needed to undertake a six month review, from the questions to ask within the review and algorithms to guide care, through to documentation for recording and communicating review outcomes to other professionals involved in an individual’s care.

The team also developed an easy-access version of GM-SAT suitable for people who have aphasia after their stroke, in collaboration with stroke survivors from Speakeasy, a communication support charity based in Bury.

GM-SAT integrates the needs analyses set out in the Care Quality Commission’s Stroke Service Review and fulfils aspects of the Department of Health’s Accelerating Stroke Improvement Programme and the NHS National Stroke Strategy. The flexibility of the tool enables it to be tailored to local services and voluntary sector provision.

Key outputs and impacts

  • Over 4,000 assessments have been already carried out
  • GM-SAT is used nationally and is the only tool used for post-stroke assessment by the Stroke Association. It is able to highlight the needs of the local patient population and areas for targeted professional or service development leading to service improvement. For example, the integration of the tool into the IT system used by primary and community care providers in Yorkshire and Humber made care more consistent across the whole area.

What next?

Because of its success, we are now developing GM-SAT for use by stroke survivors resident in care homes.