What should we research in end-of-life care?

An elderly couple smiling.

Are you interested in helping to decide on local research priorities for end-of-life care?

Older peopleOur research team at the University of Manchester are working with carers and healthcare staff to shape our future work in end-of-life care. We would really value your involvement and would like to hear your views about the important issues when thinking about care at the end-of-life.

10 key priority areas have already been identified through a national piece of work, but we are keen to understand what matters most to family carers within these topics:


  • What information and training do carers and families need to provide the best care for their loved ones?
  • What are the best ways of providing end-of-life care outside of normal working hours to avoid crises and reduce stress?
  • How can access to end–of-life services be improved for everyone regardless of where they live in Greater Manchester?
  • What are the benefits and best ways of providing care at home, if that is what is preferred, and how can home care be maintained as long as possible?
  • What are the best ways of making sure there is joined up working in the provision of care at end-of-life, and does this improve its quality?

Whose opinions should we ask?

We’d really like to hear from members of the public with an interest in end-of-life care. If you take part, we will ensure that your opinions on what should be researched in end-of-life care are taken into account in setting our priorities.

How will we gather your views?

We would need about 30 minutes of your time between December 2015 and March 2016 to discuss your views. We can meet up at a place convenient to you, such as your local carer organisation, or discuss this over the phone.

What will happen next?

If you take part, you may also be invited to a carer workshop event which will take place in March or April 2016 (travel expenses will be paid) where the final decisions about the priority areas of work over the next three years will be made.

What do I need to do to register my interest?

To register your interest in this opportunity or for more information, please contact Peter Mellor by telephone on 07872 048918 or by email via peter.mellor@srft.nhs.uk.