Launch of long-term conditions tools to support healthcare teams

The Greater Manchester Electronic Long-term conditions Integrated Review Template (GM-ELIRT) and the Greater Manchester Electronic long-term conditions Integrated Assessment Tool (GM-ELIAT) are now available for use in primary care and by multidisciplinary integrated teams.

The GM-ELIRT provides an integrated, individualised review for patients with multimorbidity (two or more long-term conditions), and is available to clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), GP practices and clinical system suppliers to:

  •        Provide holistic, patient-centred reviews for patients with multimorbidity
  •        Identify and address unmet needs which may be missed during single disease reviews
  •        Identify comorbid risks and promote early intervention
  •        Streamline the review process by reducing the number of review appointments required
  •        Reduce the number of unscheduled appointments made by patients if multiple needs are addressed at one appointment
  •        Reduce the repetition found when single disease templates are used for patients with multimorbidity
  •        Enhance the quality of the review by the use of a range of risk assessment tools
  •        Standardise the review process at a practice or CCG level.

The GM-ELIAT provides an integrated, individualised, holistic assessment involving physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs for patients with multiple long-term conditions. The GM-ELIAT is now available to NHS providers and clinical system companies. It can be used across a multidisciplinary integrated health and social care team and is designed to:

  •        Identify and address unmet needs
  •        Identify comorbid risk
  •        Reduce the time spent on the assessment process in comparison to paper-based forms and the use of multiple, single disease assessment forms
  •        Reduce the repetition found when multiple services are involved in an individual patient’s care
  •        Enhance the quality of assessment by the use of a range of risk assessment tools
  •        Standardise the assessment process across an integrated health and social care team.

Obtaining the GM-ELIRT and GM-ELIAT

Detailed information about both products is available on GM-ELIRT and GM-ELIAT. If you have any queries please email