Help us to develop a leaflet that answers questions about antipsychotic medication

A pharmacist sorting medication.

CLAHRC Greater Manchester researchers at the University of Manchester are working with a group of users and carers to develop an information leaflet that will help answer commonly asked questions about antipsychotic medication.

If you are someone who is prescribed antipsychotic medication, or you’re a family member of a person who takes these medications, we’d like to hear suggestions about topics or questions you’d like the leaflets to address. Your input could be anything from a single topic to a list of questions – any contribution is helpful to us.

We’ll collect all responses and look for common topics that arise. We’ll then consult with our team of prescribers, healthcare professionals, service users and carers to answer these questions accurately and appropriately. The final leaflet will be made available through mental health charities, the University of Manchester and online.

When submitting your question(s), please don’t tell us any personal details, such as your name or anything relating to your health, as we do not need to know these. Please also note that we are unable to reply to you personally, but please do contact your GP or other health professional if you need advice. Your contribution will really help us to make sure the leaflet is as helpful as possible to other people with mental health problems and their family members.

Submit your question(s).