Grants awarded by NIHR to support systematic reviews in wound care

Professor Dame Nicky Cullum, lead for the CLAHRC GM community services theme, and Dr Jo Dumville are delighted to have been awarded two grants from the NIHR to support the ongoing production of high-quality systematic reviews as part of the Cochrane Wounds Group, one of the 53 review groups that form The Cochrane Collaboration. Jo has been awarded an NIHR Cochrane Programme Grant to undertake a series of high priority Cochrane reviews in wound prevention and treatment, while Nicky has been successful in securing renewed funding to support the activities of the Wounds Group as a whole. The editorial base of the Wounds Group will be moving to Manchester in 2015 having been based at the University of York since 1995.

Over the coming years, CLAHRC GM will play a fundamental role in the dissemination and implementation of the findings of completed Cochrane reviews. Just as importantly, we will also help prioritise which reviews are done in the future through close collaboration with our NHS partners to identify topics and uncertainties which are of high priority for both patients and NHS staff.

Nicky Cullum was a founding member of the Cochrane Collaboration and is the Coordinating Editor of the Cochrane Wounds Group; Jo Dumville is also an Editor in the Group, which uses predominantly randomised controlled trial evidence of the effects of interventions to prevent and treat wounds and their complications. This includes the primary prevention of pressure, leg and foot ulcers; the prevention of wound complications (e.g. surgical wound infection and scarring); and interventions to aid the healing of wounds, including burns (e.g. dressings, bandages and support surfaces). To date, the Wounds Group have published more than 100 systematic reviews, many of which are amongst some of the mostly highly accessed reviews of the Cochrane Library.

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