Working with stroke survivors and carers to promote post-stroke services

As part of our PLANS for stroke project, we’re working to support recovery and reduce social isolation for people affected by stroke by developing and evaluating ‘PLANS for Stroke’, an online self-management tool for stroke survivors and their carers.

During September, supported by the Stroke Association, we will be running three focus groups with stroke survivors and one focus group with carers from across Greater Manchester. The focus groups aim to gain a better understanding of the types of community resources, services and activities sought by stroke survivors and their carers following a stroke and the role these play in their life after stroke.

Participants will be asked to discuss the needs they have experienced post stroke and to identify any groups, services and activities which have assisted them in addressing these. Working in partnership with patients and carers, the focus group findings will then be used to develop “PLANS for Stroke” (similar to, an online self-management tool designed to provide stroke survivors and carers with information, personalised and tailored to their needs and preferences, about locally available community support services and activities.

Full information about the PLANS for Stroke project, including objectives and evaluation information, is available on the project web pages.