Funding for PhD research in dementia care awarded to CLAHRC Greater Manchester

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding for three PhD studentships as part of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) CLAHRC research capacity in dementia care pilot programme (RCDCP).

Patients with dementia, as recipients of care, feature in all of our research programmes. Projects in our patient-centred care theme focus on enabling service providers to look after the whole person to avoid fragmented, uncoordinated care episodes. Research in our primary care theme implements the best available evidence about ‘what works’ in terms of healthcare and service innovations in primary care services and is of particular relevance to those with dementia. Work within our community services theme focuses on end-of-life care provision, enhancing carers’ skills, knowledge and confidence in end-of-life care, and research on wound care aimed at improving evidence-based care which is especially challenging in those with dementia.

The PhD students recruited as part of the RCDCP will work on a dementia care research project integrated with one of these programmes of work, working in partnership with our academics who lead these programmes, and patient-based organisations. Further details of projects will be forthcoming and we aim to have one project in each of our themes to build research capacity across a range of disciplines and areas of healthcare provision.

We will be recruiting students to take part in this work in due course; please keep checking the website or follow us on Twitter for updates. As part of the funding conditions, candidates need to be from a nursing or allied health professional (AHP) background.