Prof John Øvretveit shares evaluation expertise in exclusive Q&A videos

Professor John Øvretveit, one of the world’s leading experts in health service implementation and quality improvement research, has shared his experiences and top tips for undertaking complex evaluations.

In a series of 3-4 minute videos, Professor Øvretveit answers questions such as “what are the key factors that should be considered when designing an evaluation?” and “when evaluating, how can you meet the needs of multiple stakeholders?”. Also filmed was a 55 minute lecture titled ‘Evaluating quality improvements and implementation’.

These videos provide an invaluable resource for anyone interested in healthcare evaluation, implementation and quality research/improvement.


About John Øvretveit

Professor Øvretveit currently leads EU research projects on integrated care and implementing chronic care practice. He is also carrying out research on adapting Swedish national clinical database systems to the USA context, involving patients’ use of register data for their own self-care. His previous reviews of evidence of costs and savings of quality improvement, coordinated care interventions and patient-centred care interventions have been used by health systems to improve quality and reduce costs. He was awarded the 2014 Avedis Donabedian international quality award for his work on quality economics. Translations of some of his over 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers and books have been made into nine languages. Six books have won publications awards, including twice winner of the European Health Management Association Award and the Baxter Health Publication of the Year prize for “Action Evaluation” (2002) and “Health Service Quality” (1992).