CLAHRC Greater Manchester working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support

CLAHRC Greater Manchester has been commissioned by the Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership (MCIP) to work with local health and social care professionals to better understand cancer-specific learning and development needs across Manchester. CLAHRC GM will submit a report to MCIP in October 2014 detailing recommendations for meeting cancer-specific learning and development needs, as well as suggested methods and timelines for delivery.

Over the coming months, we will engage with individuals from local organisations to investigate the cancer-specific knowledge and skills of all clinical and non-clinical staff working in primary, community and palliative care across Manchester. By understanding the roles of all staff involved in the treatment of cancer we can develop recommendations aimed at improving the stages of care for people affected by cancer.

In June 2014, our project team led a facilitated focus group to gather the views of local people affected by cancer to provide a patient perspective about how best to maximise the potential for high-quality care. This was followed by a presentation about the end-of-life: learning and development scoping project delivered at the launch of the MCIP at Manchester Town Hall.

This week we distributed a questionnaire to the non-cancer specialist clinical and non-clinical workforce across Manchester to establish the learning and development needs required to deliver improved services and care to patients with cancer.

We will use the feedback from our research to perform a gap analysis on cancer-specific learning and development needs and commissioned education, making recommendations for the delivery of training and education for the workforce across Manchester. This project has been endorsed by each of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Manchester and provides healthcare professionals with a real opportunity to have their say on how cancer-specific knowledge and skills could be improved upon to deliver an outstanding level of care across the city of Manchester.

Find out more about our end-of-life: learning and development scoping project.