Greater Manchester Heart Failure Investigation Tool (GM-HFIT) project evaluation reports now online

CLAHRC Greater Manchester is pleased to announce that all three evaluation reports for the Greater Manchester Heart Failure Investigation Tool (GM-HFIT) project are now accessible online. The GM-HFIT project was completed in local GP practices within NHS Manchester, NHS Bury and NHS Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Groups, coming to a close in December 2013.

CLAHRC GM worked in collaboration with various general practices across Greater Manchester to deliver the GM-HFIT project – a package of work designed to improve the quality of care provided by NHS primary care services for people with heart failure. The project is comprised of a series of key interlinked activities, including verification of existing heart failure registers, case-finding to identify patients that are ‘missing’ from heart failure registers, clinical education and facilitated quality improvement periods.

The overarching aim of the GM-HFIT project is to improve the quality of service and care for people with heart failure, specifically to ensure patient care is consistent with evidence based guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). Additionally, the project strives to improve the validity of primary care heart failure registers, raise data quality standards, develop the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals in relation to heart failure, and ensure that patients with heart failure are prescribed appropriate and optimal medical therapy. Collectively, it is anticipated that improving the diagnosis and management of heart failure in this way will lead to reductions the number of heart failure emergency admissions and improvements in patient outcomes and quality of life.

Please read the full evaluation reports for NHS Manchester CCG, NHS Bury CCG, and NHS Wigan Borough CCG. For more information, please contact Lorraine Burey, Project Manager.