CLAHRC GM: thanks for all your work so far

Professor Bonnie Sibbald, former Director of CLAHRC GM, has thanked everyone for bringing our programmes of work in the first CLAHRC (2008-2013) to a successful conclusion. Prior to her retirement in December 2013, she wrote to all those involved in the CLAHRC:

“When we launched the CLAHRC five years ago, our ambition was to advance knowledge of ways to improve patient care and wellbeing through high quality research and translate that knowledge into improved health and care for the people of Greater Manchester and beyond. I feel proud to say that we realised that ambition.

Our research has generated new insights into ways to improve patient self-care and mitigate the negative effects of depression on people with long-term conditions. We have developed and deployed tools to help health service providers plan and monitor patient care. And we have worked successfully with NHS providers to implement evidence-based care for people with vascular conditions, delivering measurable improvements in health and wellbeing for the people of Greater Manchester.

The pathway to success was never smooth. Our ideas about how to weld research with implementation to drive health service improvement have constantly needed rethinking – not least because of the enormous challenges we faced in sustaining our work through major health system reforms and a contracting national economy. It is thanks to your hard work and ingenuity that we weathered these challenges and learned a lot that will help us to do even better in the next generation CLAHRC. My thanks to you all.”

Bonnie has worked at the University of Manchester since 1994 when she helped to establish the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre and the University’s Institute of Health Sciences. She has continued to lead research in healthcare delivery and for the last five years she has led the CLAHRC Greater Manchester. She has been Director of the University’s Institute of Population Health since its inception in August 2012, which required her to lead the development of the Institute’s strategy as well as to contribute to the management of the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences.

The NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester encompasses a range of partners, including patients and carers, primary, community and mental health care providers, as well as third sector providers and industry. CLAHRC GM is one of 13 CLAHRC programmes in England, with £120 million invested in the programme nationally.