BRIGHT Follow up data collection complete

The BRIGHT trial team are happy to announce that the final six month follow up data collection has now been completed.

The BRIGHT trial was set up to evaluate an intervention aimed at addressing current gaps in care delivery for people with stage three Chronic Kidney Disease – 436 patients were recruited at baseline from 24 General Practices across four areas of Greater Manchester.

Follow up data from 374 patients has been successfully received (86% response rate), which is a fantastic achievement.

People with Long Term Conditions (Patients) Research Theme Lead, Anne Rogers said: “I am impressed that the response to the trial has been very positive. The BRIGHT team are busy preparing the data files for analysis, writing papers and working on the final report.

“The team would like to thank members of the CLAHRC Implementation team who worked with us and provided the IMPAKT tool (used to identify the patients with CKD stage 3), the data quality facilitators from the PCT’s who assisted in the installation of the IMPAKT tool, and of course the practices for all of their hard work.”