Study protocol from patients theme gets published in BioMed Central Trials Journal

Leading the way in the self-management of long term conditions, our Patients Research Team have published the trial protocol and research design of their work around improving care for patients with chronic kidney disease  in the latest edition of Trials Journal.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has recently been included in The Quality and Outcome Framework as a target condition for general practices to manage and record on their registers of chronic conditions. As part of the BRIGHT Trial, the GM CLAHRC team are looking at how the condition can be self managed by patients and how links and engagement can be made with support networks in the form of access to community groups.

The paper, entitled “The clinical and cost-effectiveness of the BRinging Information and Guided Help Together (BRIGHT) intervention for the self-management support of people with stage 3 chronic kidney disease in primary care”, outlines the implementation and evaluation of a self-management intervention involving an information guidebook, tailored access to local resources in the community, and telephone support for people with stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

Theme lead for the People with Long Term Conditions (Patients) Research Theme, Professor Anne Rogers said: “We are really pleased about how well the recruitment of the BRIGHT trial is going. Our main focus is to bring our learning about how social networks can make a contribution to facilitating engagement with community resources and to evaluate the clinical use and cost-effectiveness of the self-management intervention for people with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. In terms of outcomes we are looking at people’s capacity to self-manage health-related quality of life and their blood pressure control compared to the standard care they would receive in the NHS.”

The BRIGHT trial team have successfully recruited 24 GP practices from Greater Manchester and 440 patients have agreed to take part in the trial.

Read the full protocol here.