GM CLAHRC CKD Improvement Project – the ‘silent killer’

The Manchester Evening News (MEN) recently featured a story on the ‘silent killer’ kidney disease and how the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is trying to combat the problem by improving the way GPs and practice nurses look for and treat the disease.

Around 37% of people in the North West suffer from the three main causes of kidney disease: diabetes, high blood pressure or vascular disease, but only 6% think they are at risk.

Thanks to the NIHR GM CLAHRC CKD Improvement Project, GPs in Greater Manchester diagnosed 200 people in the region at serious risk of kidney disease in the space of three months. The MEN piece featured comments from Anna Betzlbacher GM CLAHRC Improvement Manager, and also a case study of a patient suffering from kidney disease.

Read the full article on the MEN website.