Early success in CKD improvement project

As part of our CKD project, we have worked with GP practices in Ashton, Leigh & Wigan to support them in improving the way they diagnose and manage patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

In just three months, this year’s intake of 12  practices have already successfully identified over 200 additional patients with CKD. This reflects halving the gap between reported and expected prevalence which forms the first project objective (see graph).

This recent success was celebrated at a recent workshop where GPs and practice nurses shared their  learning  to date around identifying and improving the management of people diagnosed with CKD. The GM CLAHRC team also offered clinical training specifically pointing out why identifying those highest at risk and managing their blood pressure is so important for people diagnosed with this condition.

Dr John Coleman, a GP from Brookmill Medical Centre in Leigh said: “The workshop was extremely useful. I certainly learnt a lot in terms of how to manage these patients, ensuring their blood pressure is monitored and hopefully reducing their risks of suffering other long term conditions such as a stroke or heart attack. The CLAHRC team have done a great job with sharing the learning from the earlier stages of the project and the improvements in patient care achieved in other practices; I know I will definitely be sharing what I have learnt today with colleagues at my practice.”

Now that practices have achieved their target of halving the gap between reported and expected prevalence patients, they will focus on the second project objective of ensuring that 75% of these patients are tested for proteinuria and managed to NICE recommended blood pressure targets by August 2013.