Congratulations Roman

Congratulations to Roman Kislov who is celebrating successful completion of his PhD. Roman’s research project focused on exploring the barriers to sharing knowledge that the GM CLAHRC faced in the first three years of its existence. He looked at various professional, inter-departmental and inter-organisational boundaries and analysed how these influenced the process of joint working across the CLAHRC. He used the theory of communities of practice as a theoretical framework and provided the following theoretical contribution.

Roman said: “I am very grateful to the people from the CLAHRC and its partnering NHS organisations that were willing to spare some of their precious time to take part in my research. Not only did they agree to participate in an interview or observation; many of them also contributed to the presentation and interpretation of data by providing valuable comments on interview transcripts and empirical papers as part of the member checking process. From the very first day as a CLAHRC PhD student I had a lot of encouragement and support from the Implementation Team members, who introduced me to the ‘real world’ of knowledge mobilisation and helped me recruit research participants for the study. I am happy that my research has been useful for the collaboration and hope to further contribute to its success.”