How the severe mental illness and physical health project is helping Mark

GM CLAHRC is collaborating with Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust and Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) on a project focussing on improving the physical health care of people with severe mental illness. One part of the project involves the use of a ‘Physical Health Link Worker’ to improve the co-ordination and communication of care between the GP surgery and the Trust’s Community Mental Health Teams.

Please see the story below, where ‘Mark’ (not his/her real name) has written an account of how a discussion as part of a Multi–Disciplinary-Team meeting, held between Mark’s GP surgery and the Trust’s Physical Health Link Worker, had a positive impact on his/her care.

This is in my appreciation of a project undertaken by my mental health worker. This project included my GP, social worker, district nurses, diabetic nurse and scheme manager where I live.

I heard that my mental health worker had had a meeting at my surgery with my GP, district nurses and practice nurses as a result of this project. I have many physical health problems including epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease and chronic mental health problems. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the results of the meeting. The district nurse took some bloods when he/she came to visit and because they were not quite right, the doctor then came to visit me at home. The practice nurse is coming to see me this week to monitor my diabetes more closely and I have had someone from the surgery here today to discuss stopping smoking. My mental health worker opened the process of bringing everyone together to discuss their roles and my needs.

Also partly as a result of that first meeting at the surgery, we have had a meeting in my flat to discuss my care. I was listened to and help is beginning to be available. My district nurses now turn up daily and on time and my diabetes is getting treated by an expertly trained nurse, which then allows my mental health worker the time to fulfil her role. These people have never looked like coming together before and in truth it makes me feel empowered and cared for because I know there is somebody out there who can help me deal with my problems.

Thank you and well done!

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