Use of cartoons in self-management of long term conditions

A research project from GM CLAHRC which looked at the use of cartoons in patient-focused information about self-management of their chronic kidney disease is now complete.

During the project researchers looked at the effectiveness of communicating patient advice and information through the use of cartoons and found that they can be useful in engaging patients to support the self-management of their condition.

Theme Lead, Professor Anne Rogers said: “A lot of the information we give to patients is worthy but can be rather wordy and lifeless. The People with Long Term Conditions (Patients) Research Theme has been working on using cartoons to engage people and get them thinking about the benefits and barriers to self-management of their condition and where they can get support to suit their needs. We have worked with patients to develop cartoons and information to reflect people’s real life experiences.

We would welcome feedback on how useful you think this approach is and how you think you might use this resource in your work in the NHS or in the community. Please contact Anne Rogers or Anne Kennedy with your comments.

Read more about the project here.