Stroke work published in Clinical Rehabilitation

A paper about GM CLAHRC’s work implementing a six month post-stroke reviews has been published, in Clinical Rehabilitation.

The article, entitled ‘Feasibility of assessing the needs of stroke patients after six months using the GM-SAT’, describes the work undertaken by the GM CLAHRC as part of the national six month review pilot project.  This piece of work was completed in partnership with The Stroke Association and evaluated the feasibility and acceptability of community Information, Advice and Support Coordinators delivering six month post-stroke review using the Greater Manchester Stroke Assessment Tool (GM-SAT).

The Greater Manchester Stroke Assessment Tool (GM-SAT) is an evidence-based assessment tool that has been designed specifically for the six month post-stroke review.  Together with its supporting materials, it provides everything needed to undertake a six month review, from the questions to ask within the review and algorithms to guide care, through to documentation for recording and communicating review outcomes to other professionals involved in an individual’s care.

The paper concludes that GM-SAT is feasible to administer in a community setting and is acceptable to patients and their carers, as well as to staff undertaking the assessments.

Professor Pippa Tyrrell said:  “We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with The Stroke Association to test the acceptability of GM-SAT to services users across England and begin to understand how GM-SAT may be best implemented to ensure that everyone leaving hospital following a stroke can benefit from routine structured assessment.”

The article is available here and is open access (viewable without subscription).  You can find out more about GM-SAT and the six month post-stroke review project here.