The British Red Cross provides first aid training for the Withington Heart Group

GM CLAHRC recently facilitated the provision of an introductory first aid training course to a local patient group. The British Red Cross provide first aid training for every need, including a range of courses for members of the public. A member of the Greater Manchester Red Cross team made contact with GM CLAHRC offering to provide free first aid training to the Manchester cardiac patient groups featured on the site.

Mike Spence, GM CLAHRC Knowledge Transfer Associate said: “The Manchester Heart Failure Website has been an excellent resource for patient and carer groups to promote the fantastic work that they do. Linking patient groups together with health care professionals is a major success for the site.”

The Withington Heart Group were very keen to take up this offer, and earlier this month 11 members of the group took part in a two hour session. The Group have been involved with a number of GM CLAHRC projects; they assisted with the Mindfullness Meditation study; the design, structure and content of the Manchester Heart Failure Website; and the development of the heart failure alert card.

The training provided by Judith Jones, Fist Aid Liaison Co-ordinator for the British Red Cross, focussed on simple CPR, complications arising from diabetes, heart attacks, falls and the recovery position. It was a very interactive session, with everyone getting involved; including GM CLAHRC Knowledge Transfer Associate Mike Spence, as group members used Mike to practice their new found skills on the recovery position.

It was an excellent event and very well received, Richard Fitzsimmons, Chair of Withington Heart Group said: “The training provided inspiration to help in times of need.”

Judith Jones, British Red Cross, said: “The British Red Cross wants everyone to feel confident and willing to give first aid. Our Everyday First Aid course is designed to make it easy to learn the skills you’ll need to help in an emergency. The afternoon with Withington Heart Group was very enjoyable.”

This training is available for other groups similar to The Withington Heart Group, especially those groups involving people at risk of experiencing falls, complications arising from diabetes, heart attacks and falls. If anybody would like further information or would like to book a course please contact Judith Jones on 0161 888 8902 or 07712 588785.

If anybody would more information about The Withington Heart Group, please contact Richard Fitzsimmons, by Tel: 0161 434 2149 or via email If people would like to support the group they are holding two fundraising events in August.

  • The first is a 3 mile sponsored walk on August 17 at Platt Fields, meeting at 12.30pm for a 1pm start
  • The second is a social event at St Kentigern’s Irish Social Club on August 18, starting at 8pm.